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Chad Schroeder
I am a professional gambler from Omaha, NE. I was formerly in the finance industry but was part of a corporate layoff ten years ago when market crashed and have been doing this ever since. The last two years I decided to get heavily involved in high stakes fantasy football. I ran 66 teams two years ago and 142 teams last year. A few highlights have been winning the FFPC overall championship in its debut season and a runner in the debut season of the FFOC, narrowly missing out on the million thanks to an incredible Sunday night game by Deangello Williams which beat me. I have played fantasy sports for 12 years or so, mostly at fanball. Some past fantasy accomplishments are Fanball baseball points champion, golf champion, two time nascar champion, sportsbuff golf champion and baseball champion. Fantasysportsnet baseball championship was worth 50k.

I am a die hard Husker fan and have season football tickets. Enjoy playing sports, music, and movies in my spare time. I root for the Dolphins, Pacers, Royals and LA Kings as well. I like to attend sporting events. College World Series in Omaha is one of my favorite events.

I am 36 year old self employed pro gambler/fantasy sports player.
I am a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I graduated with a business degree. I have a finance background and worked for a brokerage for about 5 years after school. I migrated into gambling in 2001. I am a diehard Nebraska fan. Especially basketball and football. Season ticket holder.
I enjoy golfing, attending sporting events, concerts, watching games with friends, and visiting my niece, who I was honored to be named a godparent of.
All in all, pretty simple lifestyle.

I have played fantasy sports for about 15 years, but am relatively new to the high stakes world, in a serious manner at least. I have had success in salary cap based games. Those are all I really played until recently.

Some accomplishments in those were.

Fantasy sportsnet overall baseball champion for 50k
Sportsbuff baseball champion for 15k which was stiffed
sportsclub usa champion for 10k
CDM(now fanball) overall points champion for 15k

2nd overall in CDM basketball is best I have done, with numerous league championshps and high finishes

Overall CDM championship for 10k and third another time
Sportsbuff overall champion for 10k

2 time CDM overall champion for 10k each

In 2007 I decided to start playing high stakes fantasy football in a serious manner.

In my debut season I was fortunate enough to win the 5k Payday Sports league for 35k to turn a nice profit

IN 2008, I upgraded substantially, going in for about 50k worth of teams, with a stable of investors. I own roughly 55 percent of my teams each year.

Some consider it a dream season, but it was a season of what might have been.

I had 66 teams in 2008.

Among the accomplishments in 2008.

2nd place in 10k wcoff gridiron league
League championship in wcoff main event
League Champion in FFPC
OVERALL FFPC first time champion for 75
2nd ffpc big payback league for 15k
Won 11 of 23 ffoc league championships
2nd overall in ffoc for 100k.

I want to tell the story there a little bit. I actually had two of the final 15 teams in the race for a million bucks. Heading into the Sunday night game, I was in a position to win the one million dollar first year prize. I had the NY defense and Rodgers still to play Monday night. Just needed nine points or so out of them, which should happen about every time. And it easily did. However, there was a very longshot chance of Deangello Williams outscoring the Giants defense by 26 or so points in a non ppr league. It was the perfect storm. Steward got hurt early in the game and Deangello proceeded to score 4 TD's and grasp defeat from the jaws of victory. So, it left a very bitter taste in my mouth and made the FFPC championship and even the 2nd place in the FFOC not as enjoyable as it may have otherwise been. Hard not to look at it as though 900k was left on the table.

2009 was a profitable year, but was unable to close out any big games that I threatened in. I had about 140 teams this year for a little over 100k.

FFPC 2nd in 5k big payback for 15k
3rd ffpc overall, 1st in consolation bracket
3rd in wcoff platinum leauge
2nd in wcoff 5k auction league
4th in affl overall
4th overall in rapid draft out of nearly 20k teams
lots of league championships in smaller 500 and 1k leagues

Chad Schroeder
Historical GPI Ranking: 1
2013 GPI Ranking: 1
YearEventTeam NameRecordChamp
2013FFWC2013Cocktails & Dreams8-5-02
2013FFWC2013Cocktails and Dreams II7-6-025
2013FFWC2013Cocktails and Dreams VIII7-6-08
2013FFWC2013Cocktails and Dreams 8-5-096
2013FFWC2013Cocktails and Dreams7-6-0103
2013FFWC2013Cocktails and Dreams V9-4-017
2013FFWC2013Cocktails and Dreams IV11-2-092
2013FFWC2013Cocktails and Dreams7-6-063
2013FFWC2013Cocktails and Dreams VII5-8-00
2013FFWC2013Cocktails and Dreams VI9-4-034
2013FFWC2013Cocktails and Dreams4-9-00
2012FFWC2012Cocktails and Dreams X9-4-06
2012FFWC2012Cocktails and Dreams III7-6-03
2012FFWC2012Cocktails and Dreams7-6-062
2012FFWC2012Cocktails and Dreams IX10-3-032
2012FFWC2012Cocktails and Dreams VIII7-6-00
2012FFWC2012Cocktails and Dreams IV7-6-066
2012FFWC2012Cocktails and Dreams VI7-6-00
2012FFWC2012Cocktails and Dreams XII6-7-00
2012FFWC2012Cocktails and Dreams VII6-7-00
2012FFWC2012Cocktails and Dreams II7-6-00
2012FFWC2012Cocktails and Dreams V6-7-00
2012FFWC2012Cocktails and Dreams XI5-8-00
2013NFFC2013Cocktails and Dreams II 11-2-04
2013NFFC2013Cocktails and Dreams 10-3-043
2013NFFC2013Cocktails and Dreams 3 7-6-00
2013NFFC2013Cocktails and Dreams 1 8-5-00
2013NFFC2013Cocktails and Dreams 2 4-9-00
2012NFFC2012Cocktails and Dreams6-7-05
2012NFFC2012Cocktails and Dreams IV7-6-00
2012NFFC2012Cocktails and Dreams II8-5-00
2012NFFC2012Cocktails and Dreams III6-7-00
2012NFFC2012ScoutPRO V5-8-00
2012NFFC2012Cocktails and Dreams VI5-8-00
2012NFFC2012Cocktails and Dreams VII3-10-00
2011NFFC2011CocktailsFranchise V6-7-00
2011NFFC2011CocktailsFranchise III7-6-00
2011NFFC2011CocktailsFranchise IV4-9-00
2011NFFC2011CocktailsFranchise I7-6-00
2011NFFC2011CocktailsFranchise II7-6-00
2011NFFC2011CocktailsFranchise VI5-8-00
2010NFFC2010Cocktails and Dreams8-5-07
2010NFFC2010Cocktails and Dreams9-4-025
2009NFFC2009Team Schroeder6-7-00
2013FFPC2013Cocktails & Dreams IV7-4-033
2013FFPC2013Cocktails & Dreams VI7-4-00
2013FFPC2013Cocktails & Dreams5-6-028
2013FFPC2013Cocktails & Dreams 56-5-00
2013FFPC2013Cocktails & Dreams 32-9-00
2013FFPC2013Cocktails & Dreams 25-6-00
2012FFPC2012Angels Among Us8-3-079
2012FFPC2012Cocktails & Dreams IV7-4-00
2012FFPC2012Cocktails & Dreams6-5-00
2012FFPC2012Cocktails & Dreams 25-6-00
2012FFPC2012Cocktails & Dreams VI6-5-00
2012FFPC2012Cocktails & Dreams III3-8-00
2012FFPC2012Cocktails & Dreams V1-10-00
2011FFPC2011Cocktails/Franchise TB 36-5-00
2011FFPC2011Cocktails/Franchise TB 15-6-00
2011FFPC2011Cocktails/Franchise TB 26-5-00
2011FFPC2011Cocktails/Franchise III8-3-00
2010FFPC2010Cocktails and Dreams5-6-046
2010FFPC2010Cocktails and Dreams6-5-00
2013NBC2013Cocktails and Dreams II 8-5-028
2013NBC2013Cocktails and Dreams 9-4-023
2013NBC2013Cocktails and Dreams III 10-3-080
2013NBC2013Cocktails and Dreams IV 9-4-047
2013NBC2013Cocktails and Dreams V 9-4-039
2013NBC2013Cocktails and Dreams 3 7-6-00
2013NBC2013Cocktails and Dreams 1 8-5-00
2013NBC2013Cocktails and Dreams 2 8-5-00
2013NBC2013Cocktails and Dreams 4 8-5-00
2012NBC2012Cocktails and Dreams9-4-034
2012NBC2012ScoutPRO II7-6-035
2012NBC2012Cocktails and Dreams III9-4-082
2012NBC2012Cocktails and Dreams IV6-7-00
2012NBC2012Cocktails and Dreams VIII7-6-00
2012NBC2012Cocktails and Dreams V7-6-00
2012NBC2012Cocktails and Dreams VII8-5-00
2012NBC2012Cocktails and Dreams VI5-8-00
2012NBC2012Cocktails and Dreams X7-6-00
2012NBC2012ScoutPRO XI3-10-00
2012NBC2012Cocktails and Dreams IX4-9-00
2012NBC2012Cocktails and Dreams XII7-6-00
2011NBC2011CocktailsFranchise VI10-3-08
2011NBC2011CocktailsFranchise II9-4-00
2011NBC2011CocktailsFranchise V9-4-00
2011NBC2011CocktailsFranchise I7-6-00
2011NBC2011CocktailsFranchise IV7-6-00
2011NBC2011CocktailsFranchise III4-9-00
2010NBC2010Cocktails and Dreams9-4-01
2010WCOFF2010Cocktails and Dreams II8-3-010
2010WCOFF2010Cocktails and Dreams4-7-00
2010WCOFF2010Cocktails and Dreams4-7-00
2009WCOFF2009Cocktails and Dreams6-5-00
2008WCOFF2008Cocktails and Dreams10-1-081
2007WCOFF2007Cocktails and Dreams8-3-00
2006WCOFF2006Cocktails and Dreams2-9-00
2005WCOFF2005Cocktails and Dreams3-7-00
2004WCOFF2004Cocktails Dreams7-4-00
2002WCOFF2002Husker Heaven4-7-00

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