PDWC: Prizes
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We put over 50% of the Prize pool BACK into the Leagues of 6!

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When you're ready to purchase, please visit our DRAFT LOBBY and the teams purchased will appear on your MY TEAMS page.

League Prize: $500 Prize Awarded to each League High Scorer (through the Super Bowl).

NEW: 2nd place in each league wins $125 FFWC Bucks!

1st place $20,000
2nd place $2,500
3rd place Free 2024 Circa World Championship Entry (valued $1,850)
4th-10th place Free 2024 Circa LasVegas Championship team, (valued $349 each)

Prize money will be split evenly in the event of a tie to the hundredth decimal.

We also offer individual Playoff Drafts. These are self contained and all prize money goes back to the league of 6.

Entry Fee 1st Place 2nd Place
$75 $225 $100
$150 $500 $200
$250 $850 $350
$500 $1,750 $750
$1,000 $3,250 $2,000