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What is the Purpose of Fantasy Player Rankings?

In everything everywhere, where people compete, there's a pecking order. Everybody wants to see how they stack up against their competition. FullTime is the original creator of rankings and ratings for high school and college players, so it's a natural fit to rate and rank the best fantasy players in the world. We are proud to be releasing these rankings as a look-back at the 2014 season, and will be providing weekly updates to the World Player Rankings for 2015 each week in-season as it happens.

Who is Included in the Rankings?

Season-Long: Everybody who plays in ANY FullTime Fantasy Sports League will be represented in the Season-long rankings, as well as any of the High-Stakes circuits (our World Championship, the National Championship or the Player's Championship).

As the rankings gain in popularity and exposure, it is our hope that other contest operators participate in sharing their player performances so that all contests can be represented regardless of platform. We welcome them to the table to mold and modify a ranking formula that's equitable for all.

Currently, we did our best to match the players that participated in these high stakes competitions, based on player name and team name. This does not always yield accuracy, as sometimes names are spelled differently James/Jim, Matthew/Matt, and sometimes players are teammates / comanagers on certain teams, but not listed on the official leader-boards. Players now have the ability to report any incomplete or duplicate data situations.

Daily-Fantasy (DFS): Anyone who has a account will be represented in the Daily rankings. We consider to be the authority on DFS rankings, so with their permission, we've reproduced their NFL DFS Player Rankings here.

Overall (Combined): If you're a season-long player, and not listed on the combined, it's because you weren't a member. Simply visit and register for your account and provide your DraftKings and Fanduel screennames, so that your DFS performance can be ranked in-season. FullTime is proud to be working with Rotogrinders as the only Global Ranking Index that ranks players on both their season-long and daily fantasy sports expertise.

Scoring System:

The data that we have access to helped to structure the scoring system that we would eventually decide on. Here's the data we have:

- Win Loss Record: (*all contests*)

- Most Regular Season Points: (*for FullTime Fantasy Sports Leagues only*)

- 2nd Most Regular Season Points: (*for FullTime Fantasy Sports Leagues only*)

- League Champion Y/N: (*for FullTime Fantasy Sports Leagues only*)

- Dominator Y/N: (*for World Championship league only*) *note: A Dominator is a team that had both the best record and the most points and won $10,000 in their league.

- Playoff appearance Y/N: (*all contests*)

- Championship round order of finish: (*all contests*)

High Stakes Competitions (World Championships, National Championships and Players Championships)

- Win = .2 pts

- Win% Multipliers (see below)

- 90-100% = 2.0

- 80-89.9% = 1.5

- 70-79.9% = 1.25

Why reward win loss record more with a win % multiplier?

In a 13 week regular season, we felt going 13-0, 12-1, 11-2 and even 10-3 were worth more than just a .2 pts per win bump in your standings. While there is somewhat of a random nature to rewarding wins and losses each week based on your opponent, these seasons, just feel a bit more special to us as players, even if a little luck is on your side that year. Same with an 11-week season (11-0, 10-1, 9-2)

(Scoring continued)

- Qualifying for Championship Round Bonus = 4 pts

- Dominate = 1 pt

- League Champ = 1 pt

- Most Points = 1 pt

- 2nd Most Points = .5 pts

- Finish Bonuses (see below)

- 1st Place = 50 pts

- 2nd Place = 40 pts

- 3rd Place = 30 pts

- 4th Place = 20 pts

- 5th Place = 12 pts

- 6th to 10th Place = 10 pts

- 11th to 25th Place = 5 pts

- 26th to 50th Place = 3 pts

- 51st to 100th Place = 2 pts

- Failure to Qualify Adjustment (see below)

- World Championships = -1 pt

- National Championship = -.65 pts

- Players Championship = -.65 pts

Why the difference in adjustment values?

The World Championships allow 4 players to advance to the Championship Round (33.3% odds), while the National and Players Championships allow 2-3 teams per league to advance (20.8% in 12-team lgs and 17.8% in 14-team lgs), therefore players in those competitions do not have as big an adjustment for failing to qualify.

Online Championship & Dynasty Championship Scoring
Wins = .05
Qualify = .8
Failure to Qualify = -.3
Most Pts = .3
2nd most pts = .15
League Champ = .3

Online Championship Overall Finish
1st Place = 25 pts
2nd Place = 16 pts
3rd Place = 14 pts
4th Place = 12 pts
5th Place = 10 pts
6th to 10th Place = 8 pts
11th to 25th Place = 6 pts
26th to 50th Place = 4 pts
51st to 100th Place = 2 pts

Dynasty Championship Overall Finish
1st Place = 6 pts
2nd Place = 5 pts
3rd Place = 4 pts
4th Place = 3 pts
5th Place = 2 pts
6th to 10th Place = 1 pts

Qualifier & DraftnGo Scoring
Wins = .02
Qualify = .32
Failure to Qualify = -.12
Most Pts = .12
2nd most pts = .06
League Champ = .12

Starter League Scoring
Wins = .01
Qualify = .16
Failure to Qualify = -.06
Most Pts = .06
2nd most pts = .03
League Champ = .06