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2022 PlayerProfiler Championship: Online Schedule

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SLOW DRAFT TBD 4 Hour Clock Starts as Soon as Filled
Thursday May 26 9pm EDT Kickoff Draft
Friday June 3 9pm EDT  
Wednesday June 15 8pm EDT  
Saturday June 25 8pm EDT  
Tuesday June 28 9pm EDT  
Thursday June 30 10pm EDT  
Sunday July 3 7pm EDT  
Wednesday July 6 9pm EDT  
Saturday July 9 8pm EDT  
Tuesday July 12 9pm EDT  
Friday July 15 9pm EDT Red vs Blue On-Air Draft
Saturday July 16 1pm EDT  
Tuesday July 19 7pm EDT  
Sunday July 24 7pm EDT  
Wednesday July 27 8pm EDT  
Saturday July 30 1pm EDT  
Saturday July 30 7pm EDT  
Sunday July 31 1pm EDT  
Sunday July 31 7pm EDT  
Wednesday Aug 3 9pm EDT  
Saturday Aug 6 1pm EDT  
Saturday Aug 6 7pm EDT  
Sunday Aug 7 1pm EDT  
Sunday Aug 7 7pm EDT  
Monday Aug 8 9pm EDT  
Tuesday Aug 9 9pm EDT  
Wednesday Aug 10 8pm EDT  
Thursday Aug 11 9pm EDT  
Friday Aug 12 10pm EDT  
Saturday Aug 13 1pm EDT  
Saturday Aug 13 7pm EDT  
Saturday Aug 13 10pm EDT  
Sunday Aug 14 1pm EDT  
Sunday Aug 14 7pm EDT  
Sunday Aug 14 10pm EDT  
Monday Aug 15 9pm EDT  
Tuesday Aug 16 9pm EDT  
Wednesday Aug 17 8pm EDT  
Thursday Aug 18 9pm EDT  
Friday Aug 19 10pm EDT  
Saturday Aug 20 4pm EDT  
Saturday Aug 20 7pm EDT  
Saturday Aug 20 10pm EDT  
Sunday Aug 21 1pm EDT  
Sunday Aug 21 4pm EDT  
Sunday Aug 21 7pm EDT  
Sunday Aug 21 10pm EDT  
Monday Aug 22 9pm EDT  
Tuesday Aug 23 9pm EDT  
Wednesday Aug 24 9pm EDT  
Thursday Aug 25 8pm EDT  
Friday Aug 26 9pm EDT  
Saturday Aug 27 4pm EDT  
Saturday Aug 27 7pm EDT  
Saturday Aug 27 10pm EDT  
Sunday Aug 28 1pm EDT  
Sunday Aug 28 4pm EDT  
Sunday Aug 28 7pm EDT  
Sunday Aug 28 10pm EDT  
Monday Aug 29 8pm EDT  
Tuesday Aug 30 9pm EDT  
Wednesday Aug 31 10pm EDT  
Thursday Sept 1 8pm EDT  
Friday Sept 2 9pm EDT  
Saturday Sept 3 4pm EDT  
Saturday Sept 3 7pm EDT  
Saturday Sept 3 10pm EDT  
Sunday Sept 4 1pm EDT  
Sunday Sept 4 4pm EDT  
Sunday Sept 4 7pm EDT  
Sunday Sept 4 10pm EDT  
Monday Sept 5 8pm EDT  
Tuesday Sept 6 9pm EDT  
Wednesday Sept 7 10pm EDT