PlayerProfiler Championship
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Who are you guys? began providing free fantasy sports information in 1997. Initially only covering fantasy football, we have expanded to cover the NFL draft, fantasy baseball, NASCAR, college football, CFL, and PGA golf. Additionally we aggregate news coverage for Premier League, NBA, and NHL.

In 2012, Fulltime Fantasy acquired and created the premier high stakes tournament, the Fantasy Football World Championships.

In years past, we've partnered with, CBS, Pro Football Focus, Sports Illustrated and now, we're proud to partner with PlayerProfiler! 

How can I stay involved?

Please visit our Discord 24/7 for questions and discussion regarding the PlayerProfiler Championship.

How do I Sign Up?

Visit our Draft Lobby and select a date and time that works for you!

Is Trading Allowed?

No way! Not at this level of competition. The team you draft and the players you acquire through the waiver wire is the team you go to battle with.

Why are Weeks 1, 2 & 14 All-Play?

Having a 14 week regular season is our first priority. In a 12 team league, teams would have to play two (2) teams twice, and that can be unfair, therefore we use the first two weeks (and the final regular season week) as All-Play where the top 6 scoring teams get a win, bottom 6 get a loss. Additionally, we feel it's a good way to "feel out" your team, being uncertain of who is going to step up and produce. Score points and make the Top 6 is your goal here. The last week it helps as it minimizes the impact of teams that tank. Just make the top 6 and lock in your win. 

What guarantee do I have that the prizes will be paid promptly at Fulltime Fantasy?

First of all, FFToolbox has been around since 1997, so we're not a fly by night operation. Secondly, we have taken extra precautionary steps to ensure players don't have to rest on name reputation alone. All of your prizes are fully guaranteed. The prize pool is sacred to us. The prize fund is always protected in a segregated prize account at Bank of America. This means that these funds will never be commingled with the operating accounts of the business. Additionally feel free to ask for the feedback from our players. We love hearing first hand testimonials!

When will FFToolbox send out my prize money?

Checks will be in the mail no later than January 15, 2023, provided that we have received your proper tax withholding information (W-9).

Who is eligible to compete?

The PlayerProfiler Championship is open to individuals who are 21 years of age or older and are legal residents in a jurisdiction in which the contest is permitted by law. Residents that live where the PlayerProfiler Championship is prohibited or regulated by law are not permitted to enter or win prizes. (Arizona, Connecticut, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Louisiana, Montana, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia & Quebec & Ontario Canada) Military personnel stationed overseas can compete online. Participants from outside the United States must check with their own country's laws regarding participation in the PlayerProfiler Championship.