$44 MLB Leagues
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$44 MLB Leagues

Cost: $44

# of Draft Rounds: 44

Type: 5x5 Roto

League Type: Draft-n-Go PLUS

Set your Weekly Lineup but No In-Season Waivers, pickups or trades.

The weekly deadline for setting your Draft and Go PLUS lineups is five (5) minutes prior to the first pitch of the week on Monday. If Monday's games start at 7:00PM EST, then lineup lock will be at 6:55PM EST for all your players regardless of whether or not that player plays on the East Coast or West Coast. Once play has started for the week, lineups are locked and cannot be changed for that given week. On Patriot's Day, April 16, lineups will lock at 11:00AM as the first game of the week begins at 11:05 AM.

The 2019 MLB season starts March 28. Lineups for Week 1 will commence as of 3/28 and will remain the same through 4/7. Week two's official scoring period will begin a of April 9.

End of Season: Sunday September 1. --- Just in time for Football baby!

# of Teams: 12 teams

Draft Type: Slow Online Drafts

Email notifications after every pick.

Draft Timer: 4 hour clock.

Turned off overnight 12am EDT - 8am EDT.

Draft Slot Assignment: Random

Roster Size: 44

Starting Lineups: 23 starters

2 Catchers
1 First baseman
1 2nd baseman
1 SS
1 3rd Baseman
1 MI
1 CI
5 OutFielders
1 Utility Player ( Any Offensive Player )
9 Pitchers
21 man bench


Teams will compete for accumulative stats in five offensive and five pitching categories, with each category weighted equally. Categories include:

For Hitters
• Batting Average
• Home Runs
• RBIs
• Stolen Bases
• Runs

For Pitchers
• Wins
• Saves
• Earned Run Average
• Strikeouts
• WHIP Ratio (Walks plus Hits divided by Innings Pitched)


The team at the end of the year with the most Rotisserie-ranking points based on cumulative statistics for the season in each league wins the league title. Teams also will have their cumulative stats positioned in an overall Rotisserie-style ranking (5x5 with each category weighted equally among all teams in Fulltime Fantasy Sports Baseball Leagues) with the top finisher in each league winning the 1st place prize.

Please note: There is a 1000 innings pitched minimum requirement for all leagues, but no minimum requirement for the number of starting pitchers or relief pitchers on each roster. Should any team not reach the required limit of 1000 innings pitched by the end of the season, the rankings will be altered to show that team getting 1 point in both ERA and WHIP. No other teams will switch positions in the standings, but the team that didn't reach the minimum IP will automatically earn 1 point in ERA and WHIP. All players must have played 20 games in 2018 or 10 games during the 2019 season to qualify at a certain position. Minor-leaguers who did not play 20 games at any position in 2018 but who still played at least one game in the majors last year, will qualify at the position they played the most at in the majors in 2018. If a player returns from retirement or rehab after missing the previous year, his position eligibility will be based on his previous year's eligibility.

$44 MLB Draft-n-Go PRIZES:

95% payback. Highest in the industry!
• 1st Place: One (1) 2019 Online Championship Entry ($299 value) –OR- $200 cash
• 2nd Place: $125 Game credit –OR- $100 cash
• 3rd Place: $75 Game credit –OR- $50 cash

Position Eligibility

Fulltime Fantasy Sports will use the following position eligibility rules in 2019:
a) Players who played at least 20 games at any position in 2018 and at least 10 games in 2019 will qualify at that position for the entire 2019 season. Any player who missed all of the previous season to injury or retirement will qualify at the position he last was eligible for in the majors.

b) If a player did not appear in 20 games at any position, he qualifies at the one position he played most frequently the prior season in the majors. Designated Hitter is considered a position for these purposes (pinch-hitting is not). A player who only qualifies as a DH may only be assigned to the UT position. If a player's most games played at a position is less than 20 and tied among more than one position, the commissioner will assign eligibility at one position only.

c) Those players who only pinch-hit in the majors in 2018 will be position eligible according to their minor-league games played status in 2018. They would qualify at the position they played the most games in the minors.

d) Players who played all of 2018 in the minor leagues will be awarded position eligibility for the 2019 season based on the most games played at all levels in the minors. Fulltime Fantasy Sports will determine that one eligible position before Draft Day and that will determine that player's status for 2019 once he is called up to the majors. Those players who only pinch-hit or DH in the minors will only be UT-eligible.

e) The commissioner will rule on player eligibility prior to the draft as he deems necessary. Those eligibility lists are final and will be available to all owners prior to Draft Day.

Shohei Ohtani – “The Ohtani Rule”: Those owners who draft Ohtani will have to decide at the beginning of each scoring week whether he will be used as a pitcher or hitter. He will remain as such until the next scoring week when he can be switched again. At no time will the Ohtani owner receive both hitting and pitching stats in the same week.

Draft Details

All leagues will hold their Draft ONLINE prior to March 29, 2019. Each league will be composed of 12 teams, and each draft will last for 44 rounds, with each team selecting a player in each round in a serpentine fashion (team 1 through team 12, team 12 through team 1, team 1 through team 12, etc.). There are no rules governing the number of players to be drafted at each position. It is up to the skill and draft strategy of each team owner to decide.
Draft slot – Once the league is filled, each owner will be assigned a draft position randomly via the draft room software and an email will go out to all participants indicating the draft start date and time. Typically drafts begin at the top of the next hour. If the draft fills overnight, the draft will begin at 9am eastern.

Online Timer Rules
In the event the participant's timer expires in an online draft, the computer will select a player based on the rules specified below:

1. There is no limit to the number of players a contestant may put in their "queue list". They can add every undrafted player to the "queue list" in any order they see fit.

2. If the contestant "queue list" is exhausted, and the contestant timer expires, our algorithm will look for any starting lineup position still of need, and select the highest ranked remaining available player, excluding kicker or defense positions.

2a. For example, if the contestant still needs a 1B, 2B and C to fill their starting lineup, the algorithm will choose the highest ranked player at one of those three positions and select the player for the contestant.

3. If the "queue list" is exhausted, and the contestant timer expires, and the contestant has filled their starting lineup requirement, the algorithm will choose the highest ranked player regardless of position, excluding kicker or defense.

4. The first pick cannot be auto computer picked unless the timer expires.

Slow Draft Timer Rules:
$44 MLB Leagues will have a 6 hour timer that extends from 12am to 8am eastern without penalty (so you don't time out overnight). Missing a pick in a slow draft will result in the highest ranked "Queue List" player. Once that is exhausted, the software rankings will be used in the same manner as described above.

Commissioner Decisions:
All decisions made by the Fulltime Fantasy Sports commissioners are final. Tough decisions sometimes must be made about draft picks, software, rules, lineups, etc., and Fulltime Fantasy Sports participants must accept the unbiased ruling of the Fulltime Fantasy Sports commissioner.

League Management Web Address
You will need an email address and a password to access the contest software. You can access your team and league via the Internet by going to play.fulltimefantasy.com and clicking on the Player Dashboard button. Bookmark this page and always access from your player dashboard. Do not attempt to access directly from the league page itself.

Please refer to Terms & Conditions for eligibility, prohibited players and other game rules.