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Official Rules and Regulations of the Fantasy Football World Championships. LEGAL and Official Entry Form for Mail-In entry via Check or Money order.

PLEASE NOTE: All drafts concluded on or before Saturday September 4, 2021, will have 1 opportunity to add/remove players via our Free Agent Acquisition Bidding (FAAB) waivers, on the Sunday before Week 1, September 5, 2021 at 5pm EDT. All other leagues drafted or finishing after September 4, 2020, will have their first waiver period after Week 1 on Wednesday, September 15, 2021 at 10pm eastern.

1. Overview: The Fantasy Football World Championships (FFWC) will consist of a maximum of 125 leagues (last year we had 468 teams total), each composed of 12 teams/managers. The FFWC regular season will extend from NFL Week 1 through NFL Week 13.

2. Draft: All leagues will hold their Draft either ONLINE between July 21, 2020 and September 9, 2020. There will be NO LIVE in Vegas Drafts for the 2020 Season. Each league will be composed of 12 teams, and each draft will last for 20 rounds, with each team selecting a player in each round in a serpentine fashion (team 1 through team 12, team 12 through team 1, team 1 through team 12, etc.). There are no rules governing the number of players to be drafted at each position. It is up to the skill and draft strategy of each team owner to decide.

ONLINE TIMER RULES: In the event the participant's timer expires in an online draft, the computer will select a player based on the rules specified below:

1. There is no limit to the number of players a contestant may put in their "queue list". They can add every undrafted player to the queue in any order they see fit.

2. If the contestant "queue list" is exhausted, and the contestant timer expires, our algorithm will look for any starting lineup position still of need, and select the highest ranked remaining available player, excluding kicker or defense positions.

2a. For example, if the contestant still needs a QB, RB and 3 wide receivers to fill their starting lineup, the algorithm will choose the highest ranked player at one of those three positions and select the player for the contestant.

3. If the "queue list" is exhausted, and the contestant timer expires, and the contestant has filled their starting lineup requirement, the algorithm will choose the highest ranked player regardless of position, excluding kicker or defense.

4. Once the draft reaches Round 15, the positions of kickers and defenses are eligible to be considered as auto picks, in the event a contestant timer expires.

b. trading of draft picks: No trading is allowed.

c. surrogates: Each principal participant will have until September 3, 2020, to name a surrogate to Draft if the principal cannot attend the Draft. This surrogate must be named in writing by completing the FFWC Surrogate Draft Form.

d. confirming roster: Each team will be required to confirm their team roster before leaving the Draft. Additionally, there are occasional errors in importing player names into the league management web site. Principal participants are responsible to note any error and report the errors to Fulltime Fantasy by September 13, 2020 by email to Any draft results or roster loading error Inquiries Must be made BEFORE results are deemed official on September 14, 2020. This is each owner's individual responsibility to report.

3. Roster Requirements: Maximum of 20 players.

4. Lineups Requirements:

Here at the FFWC, we start an 11-man lineup. Having an extra required player in your lineup reduces the luck factor and helps ensure the better owner with depth is rewarded.

(If no Week One lineup is submitted, Fulltime Fantasy will determine your starting lineup. After Week One, if no starting lineup is submitted, your starting lineup will be that of the previous week.)

a. League Management Web Address: You can access your league via the internet, links will be sent out to all primary Managers using the information submitted at the time of sign up.

b. Lineup Submission: All lineups may be submitted on the league web site and are due by the scheduled kickoff time for the game in which the player will participate. The only exceptions are for players involved in games on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Those players must be submitted into lineups 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the game, or 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the game if you are submitting a line up by phone.

5. Scoring: An individual offensive player on any active FFWC starting roster will be credited points for scoring in the following manner, unless otherwise noted:

a. Passing:

b. Rushing:

c. Receiving:

d. ACTION SCORING: ANY touchdown that is scored by a player in your starting lineup will receive 6 points for that touchdown. This includes but is not limited to, Punt Return, Kickoff Return, Fumble Return, Interception Return, Lateral, double turnover etc... Of course QBs still only receive 4 points for passing touchdowns.


Example: a 50-yard FG would be worth 5.0 points

f. Team Scoring (Defense/Special Teams):

* TDs scored on "fake" FGs or "fake" punts do NOT count as Defense/Special Teams scoring. TDs scored by the offensive team after a blocked FG or blocked punt do NOT count as a Defense/Special teams score. TDs scored on a double-turnover only count for the individual player who scored the TD, not for the team.

** A double turnover is considered points for the recovering team's defense and ST. Thus, an example, team A's offense fumbles and team B's defense recovers, but then fumbles the ball back to team A's offense. In that scenario team A's defense and special teams (along with team B's defense and ST) are both awarded a fumble recovery.

*** Any and all points scored against a team are considered points scored against the special teams and defense. Thus, as an example, a turnover by the offense that is returned for a TD is considered as points scored against the special teams and defense.

6. Point Calculations: Team scoring will be carried out to the hundredth.

7. Free Agents: Any player who is not on a team roster within your league is considered a free agent for that league. FullTime Fantasy Sports Group may, in rare instances, remove a free agent who has been dropped by a FFWC team if in the judgment of FullTime Fantasy Sports Group the dropped player would unfairly impact the outcome of the FFWC or if there is suspected collusion.

8. Free Agent Acquisitions/Blind Bidding: The free agent system will be a "conditional blind bidding" process every Wednesday and Sunday through week 13 of the NFL season. Each team will start with 1,000 free agent "dollars" for the season, and will be permitted to bid for free agents on a weekly basis. No team will be informed of any other team's free agent bids until after the winning bids have been awarded. The team with the highest valid bid on any given player will be awarded that player. The amount of the winning bid will be deducted from the winning team's free agent dollars. For each winning bid, the winning team must drop a player to make roster room for the free agent acquisition. If a team's free agent dollars go to zero, that team will no longer be allowed to bid for the rest of the season. No bid will be accepted that is larger than a team's free agent dollars. All bids must be in increments of dollars (no cents). The free agent bidding system is the only means by which free agents may be acquired.

a. Auction Bidding vs. Blind Bidding: The FFWC conditional blind bidding process is not an auction bidding process. Though you may bid on the same player in multiple bid groups, if you are awarded that player, you will be awarded him for the highest valid bid.

b. Available players: The only players that are available to be picked up are those that are in the league management software. All players must wait until such time that the player is available in the software before acquiring them in FAAB.

c. Sunday Waivers: Players dropped on Wednesday waivers are not available for acquisition on Sunday. Players who play in the Thursday night games, are available to drop/add on Sunday nights, however players that are in your starting lineup that play on Thursday are NOT eligible to be dropped on Sunday. The software does allow this currently, so reversals will occur through the Commissioner.

d. Conditional Bidding: You are only awarded one player per bid group. During the Waiver processing, Player bids are reviewed from the Top / Down inside of each group, not by order of bid amount, so make sure your bids are prioritized top to bottom in each group in the order you wish to receive them. Once you are awarded a player from a bid group, all other bids in the group are cancelled. If another owner outbids you on a player, that player is removed from your bid group and the next listed player in your group is your next available player.

e. Issues/Problems: If you have an issue with waivers, you can email Fulltime Fantasy will review each issue on a case by case basis.

9. Bidding Time Frame: The bidding process starts after the completion of Week 1 and ends prior to Week 13 on Sunday December 6 at 11am ET. Bids will be accepted on the league web site from Sunday at 1 pm ET until Wednesday at 9:59 pm ET and from Wednesday 10:30pm ET until Sunday at 10:59am EST. Rosters will be updated by 10:0 5 pm ET on Wednesday and by 11:05am eastern on Sunday morning with the results of all successful bids. There will be no free agent pickups after the completion of the FFWC regular season. Any player dropped on Wednesday cannot be picked up as a Free agent until the following week, that player is not eligible for the same weeks Sundasy waiver process.

10. Tied Bids: If there is a tie, the team that receives the player will be determined in order by:

1. Worst points scored

2. Coin toss by the computer

11. Available Players: Teams may acquire players not on any roster within their league, with one exception. Players cut during Week 11 free agent bidding (November 15 and 19, 2020) and Week 12 free agent bidding (November 22 and 26, 2020) may not be re-acquired by any team. This is done to minimize potential collusion. On occasion, the FFWC commissioners may remove a dropped player from the free agent pool if the commissioners think it is in the interest of upholding the integrity of the league or the event.The software will now allow both kickers and defenses to abstain from this rule. That means kickers and defenses will be exempt from this rule.

12. Trades between managers: To minimize the possibility of collusion, there will be no trading allowed.

13. League Structure: Leagues will be comprised of 12 teams each playing a 13 week regular season with 13 eligible weekly "wins". The first two weeks will be all play, meaning each week, the top six scoring teams each week will each receive a win, the bottom six scoring teams each week will each receive a loss. Then, the next 11 weeks you will play your 11 other league opponents exactly one time. This is done for fairness and ensures teams don't play tough opponents twice while others play weaker opponents twice.

14. Fantasy Football World Championships League Playoff Berths: For 2020, our DOMINATOR LEAGUES will still feature a chance at the DOMINATOR. If however, there is NO DOMINATOR, all 4 teams advance to compete for the League Championship and 2nd Place League Prize.

After week 13, If the team with the best record (solo, no tie-breaker) is ALSO the team with the most total points, this team is declared The Dominator and Automatic League Champion. The remaining 3 teams (next most points, next best record and next most points) will battle weeks 14-16 for the $1,500 2nd place prize.

--- STAYED UNTIL 2021 --- After week 13, the top 2 teams advance to the league playoffs and a total points shootout in weeks (14-16).

--- STAYED UNTIL 2021 --- --Team #1: Team with the best head-to-head record (tie breaker is total points).
--- STAYED UNTIL 2021 --- --Team #2: Team with most total points.

15. Fantasy Football World Championship Round: (This format will be used in the DOMINATOR LEAGUES FOR THE WEEK 14-16 SHOOTOUT.

After week 13, the top 4 teams in each league also receive a ticket to the Championship Round in this order:

--Team #1: Team with the best head-to-head record (tie breaker is total points).
--Team #2: Team with most total points other than Team #1.
--Team #3: Team with best head-to-head record (tie breaker is total points) other than Teams 1 & 2.
--Team #4: Team with the most total points other than Teams 1, 2 and 3.

Wildcard Teams that Make the Championship Round: For the 2020 Season there will be no Overall Championship or Consolation Round.
STILL APPLIES --Any team that ties with the best record in their league during the regular season and does not qualify as one of the four automatic entries.

--- STAYED UNTIL 2021 --- --Top Ten percent of all teams that have the most total points scored. Example: 408 total teams = Any team in top 40.8 (41) after week 13 would qualify as a Wildcard Team.

--- STAYED UNTIL 2021 --- Format:
Total points from week 14 through week 16 of teams that make the playoffs (plus average team score from regular season).

--- STAYED UNTIL 2021 --- 16. Consolation Playoffs: All remaining teams that did not make the Championship bracket will participate in the Consolation Playoff Bracket.

In case of tie:

The Consolation Playoffs will run from week 14 through week 16 and will use the exact format and tie-breakers that the Championship Playoffs use.

17. Miscellaneous Information: All "total points" means total starting lineup points. FullTime Fantasy Sports reserves the right to act in the league and contest's best interest at all times.

18. Conduct: All owners are expected to act accordingly. Any disparaging remarks towards other players, the software, the operators, the rules, the company or the contest itself is grounds for immediate removal and dismissal from the league. No refunds will be granted.


Please read below for information on how the FFWC will handle the awarding of prizes for all Leagues and Contests in the case that the NFL shortens, delays, suspends or discontinues its season.

Officially Announced Shortened NFL season:

All FFWC Leagues and Contests are official to the length that the NFL regular season is official. If the NFL has a shortened official regular season--for any reason--FFWC Leagues and Contests will run for the length of the official NFL regular season.

For example, if the NFL has an official fourteen (14) game regular season, FFWC Leagues and Contests will last 14 weeks. If the NFL has an official ten (10) game regular season, FFWC Leagues and Contests will last 10 weeks, and so on.

The FFWC may shorten and/or amend FFWC game formats to function within the shortened official NFL regular season. The FFWC will not cancel any Leagues and Contests based on official season length. All prize structures will remain intact for all FFWC Leagues and Contests.

NFL Season Delay or Suspension:

Should the NFL season be suspended or delayed, all FFWC leagues and contests will pause and resume when the NFL season resumes.

NFL Season Discontinuance:

Should the NFL season be discontinued, for any reason, with eight (8) or less official weeks played (weeks do not need to be consecutive), FFWC Leagues and Contests will then be canceled and all entries will be refunded (except Dynasty, see below for more info). The FFWC will process refunds into FFWC player accounts in the same form as original registrations (league credits or cash funds). Participants will have the ability to submit withdrawal requests for any eligible cash funds. The FFWC will not refund Dynasty league entries to player accounts, but will instead apply them towards 2021 league dues.

Should the NFL season be suspended or delayed and discontinued, for any reason, with nine (9) or more official weeks played (weeks do not need to be consecutive), FFWC Leagues and Contests will become official and prize will be awarded (including Dynasty) in the manner described below.

Prizes will be awarded as per the original league prize structure as per league standings at the time of NFL season discontinuance.

Season Discontinued prior to League Playoffs:

1. Regular Season Prize Example - NFL season ends after ten (10) weeks. Team A has best record. Team A receives the best record prize. (and so on)

2. Playoff Seed Example - NFL season ends after ten (10) weeks. Teams A, B, C and D all qualify for the league playoffs. All four teams will split all playoff prizes evenly.

3. No league champions declared.

Season Discontinued during League Playoffs: (during defined as any time after kickoff of league playoffs)

1. Playoff Prizing – 50% of 1st place prizing will go to 1st place leader. 50% of 2nd place prizing will go to 2nd place leader. Rest will be evenly distributed between all playoff teams.

2. League champion and runner-up declared based on point standing at time of discontinuance.

By registering for an FFWC League or Contest, players agree to the FFWC Terms and Conditions and participate in the league or contest regardless of the length of the official NFL regular season. Players acknowledge and accept that the length of the official NFL regular season is out of FFWC control and all FFWC leagues and contests will operate based on the length of the official NFL regular season or the various options listed above. The FFWC will not offer or grant refunds if the FFWC shortens and amends game formats to fit within the shortened NFL season. The FFWC will grant refunds if the NFL discontinues its season at eight (8) official weeks or less. If the NFL discontinues its season at nine (9) official weeks or more, the FFWC will not offer or grant refunds. The FFWC reserves the right to amend league and contest formats as well as prize distribution as per its discretion without limitation.

Eligibility: In order to play, you must be at least 18 years old at the date of registration in the Contest. Notwithstanding the foregoing, residents of Arizona, Delaware, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Washington state & Quebec Canada are not eligible to participate. (Ohio pending)

We are licensed in the state of New York.
We are licensed in the state of Pennsylvania.
We are licensed in the state of New Jersey.
We are licensed in the state of Colorado.
We are licensed in the state of Arkansas.
We are licensed in the state of Kansas.
We are licensed in the state of Maryland.
We are licensed in the state of Michigan.

Fulltime Fantasy Sports LLC reserves the right to act in the league and contest's best interest at all times.