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Championship Round Prizing (awarded after Week 17)
1st Place $150,000
2nd Place $20,000
3rd Place $10,000
4th Place $5,000
5th Place $3,500
6th Place $3,000
7th Place $3,000
8th Place $2,500
9th Place $2,000
10th Place $1,500
11th Place $1,000
12th Place $750
13th Place $750
14th Place $500
15th Place $500  


One (1) 2023 Online Championship ($349 value) 1st Place Consolation Round
One (1) 2023 Online Championship ($349 value) 2nd Place Consolation Round

LEAGUE DOMINATORS CAN WIN UP TO $10,000! See below... 

Regular Season League Prizes

(awarded after Week 14)

Best Record Prize *pts tie-breaker


Most Points Prize


Next Best Record Prize *pts tiebreaker


Next Most Points Prize


League Champion Prize


Dominator Bonus Prize (outright record and points lead after week 14)


New Runner-up Prize (*see below)




League Playoffs - After Week 14, the ONE team with the best record (points tiebreaker) and the ONE team with the most points scored will face off in a 3 week points race (weeks 15-17). The team with the most points during that period will be declared League Champion and be awarded the additional League Champion Prize of $4,000. Runner-up 2nd Place prize for 2nd most points (weeks 15-17) will win $1,000.

Multiple prizes can be awarded to the same team. For example, you might have the Best Record ($2,000) and the 2nd most Points ($1,000)

* League Champion Prize: Please see RULES for new Dominator league playoff rules.

However, IF after week 14, the team with the best record (NEW IN 2018: cannot be tied with another team) is also the team with the most points, that team is a DOMINATOR. This team is then declared League Champion and wins the League Champion Prize ($4,000) outright AND the Dominator bonus for $2,000 for a Total League Winnings of $10,000 for this championship team. There is no runner-up prize awarded when there is an outright DOMINATOR.

*Please note when multiple teams are tied for best record, the two teams that make the league title game are the highest points scored of the tied best record teams and the team of the remaining 11 teams that scored the most points. While the other team with best record does not make the league title game, they do automatically qualify for the Overall Championship Round.