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Eligibility and Registration Confirmation

Q: How much does it cost?

The total cost to play per team is $1,795. There are NO Co-Manager Fees or per draft event fees. If you're drafting in Vegas, there's a one-time Weekend Events pass that's required of $175. This takes care of admission to the ballroom, and food and beverage at all of your drafts all weekend long. This covers you and a guest. Each additional guest will require an additional Events Pass.

Q: Who is eligible to compete?

The Fantasy Football World Championship (FFWC) is open to individuals who are 21 years of age or older and are legal residents in a jurisdiction in which the contest is permitted by law. Residents that live where the FFWC is prohibited or regulated by law are not permitted to enter or win prizes. (Arizona, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington & Quebec Canada) Military personnel stationed overseas can compete online. Participants from outside the United States must check with their own country's laws regarding participation in FFWC. We are licensed by the New York gaming commission.

Q: How will my participation be confirmed?

Once you have either signed up online or sent the entry form by mail or fax, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail or phone call confirming that your application has been received. At this point, you will be officially signed up. We require a deposit or immediate full payment via check, money order, or major credit card. Registrations can be refunded anytime until August 15.

Q: Should I draft LIVE or ONLINE?

Either way, you have the same chance to win, but we highly recommend joining us out in Las Vegas. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to draft your team out in Vegas on NFL opening weekend with all of your new fantasy friends.


Q: What guarantee do I have that the prizes will be paid promptly at FullTimeFantasy?
First of all, our team at FFToolbox has been around since 1997, so we're not a fly by night operation. Secondly, we have taken extra precautionary steps to ensure players don't have to rest on name reputation alone. All of your prizes are fully guaranteed. The prize pool is sacred to us. The prize fund is always protected in a segregated prize account at Bank of America. This means that these funds will never be commingled with the operating accounts of the business. We are also licensed by the New York gaming commission.Additionally feel free to ask for the feedback from our players. We love hearing first hand testimonials!

Q: When will the FFWC send out prize money?

Checks will be in the mail no later than January 15, 2022, provided that we have received your proper tax withholding information (W-9).


Q: Is there an events fee to go along with my registration fee?

There is a one-time Weekend Events pass ($175) that gives you and one (1) co-manager guest, access to as many LIVE drafts in Vegas that you want! No fees per draft.

Q. Is there a co-manager fee?

No. You can have one co-manager at no extra charge. If you require an additional co-manager, an additional Weekend events pass is required.


Q: What kind of scoring system do you use?

We use PPR (point per reception) for all players. Rushing and Receiving Touchdowns are 6 points and Passing Touchdowns are 4 points. Rushing and Receiving yards are 1 point for every 10. Passing is 1 point for every 20. -1 for interceptions.

Q: Why are Week 1 and 2 All-Pay?

First two weeks (and week 14 now) is all-play where the top 6 scores earn wins. Never start the season 0-2 due to unlucky scheduling again. Weeks 3-13 you play each opponent once so again, you don't have to play some opponents twice and fall victim to unlucky scheduling while your opponent gets an easier draw. A 14-week regular season is a must because we strongly believe that EVERY team should still be alive on Thanksgiving (week 13) , the biggest football day of the year. Additionally, our players have told us that it's a good way to "feel out" your team, being uncertain of who is going to step up and produce early on. Score points and make the Top 6 is your only goal here.

Q: Why did you change to an 11-man starting lineup?

This gives us synergy with our mid-stakes contest The Rotobowl, which has used Dual-Flex and 11-man lineup for 9 years. The addition of the 11th man with dual flex rewards the skilled drafters, those that understand how to put a team together. Rewarding players who draft well because quality depth on your bench will not be wasted as much as in years past. A typical bench carries an extra QB, PK (maybe) and DST (maybe) for 3 spots, still leaving most players on average with 6-8 bench spots at the RB, WR and TE position to use on handcuffs, bye weeks or injury hold overs.

Q: When will I get my draft slot?

For those who pay for their Main Event team in full before June 30, 2019, you'll receive your draft slot on Draft Slot Day, Sunday July 7th. There will be a second round of draft slots announced prior to August 22, 2021 for those who pay in July or August.

Q: So wait, I can win $10,000 by winning my league?

Yes, you heard it right. If you DOMINATE your league, by having the best record and the most points after Week 14, you will win $10,000 cold hard cash. This is something we've always dreamed of, the coveted stack of high society for winning your league.

Q: Why are your payouts higher than the competition?

The competition doesn't have an assett called the FulltimeFantasy Sports Network, and FFToolbox, one of the largest independent online sports properties in the country. Since 1997, this site, thanks to you the players, has done nothing but grow in popularity. This is our way of giving back to the community that's given us the platform to offer some really cool content and games.

Live Draft Details

Q: When will the drafts start?

Wednesday September 8 at 7pm pacific through Saturday September 11 at 7pm pacific.

Q: What if I'm late?

A surrogate will draft for you until you arrive.

Q: Can we bring laptops and/or cell phones to the draft?


Internet access is free. (Please fully charge your computers.) Phones are welcome but we can not guarantee reception.

Q: Will there be food, beverages and alcoholic drinks available at the draft?

Yes. Food and beverages will be free at several FFWC live drafts. Alcoholic beverages can be bought at specified times. Details to come.

Q: Will there be breaks between rounds?

There will be a 30-minute break after round 8.

Q: How many players can we have on our roster?

We have a 20-player roster limit with a starting lineup of 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 2 FLEX (RB, WR, or TE), 1 TK and 1 Def. Results from free agency can not increase this roster limit.

Q: The FFWC Main Event draft is after the Wednesday/Thursday game. Can players from that game be in the week 1 lineups?

Yes, and their stats will count. Midweek games add more strategy to the contest. Someone can take a player earlier than they would have because that player had a good game, or visa versa. For example: Remember when Julius Thomas went off on Thursday night a few years back? Players wanted him and his points in their week one lineup, so his draft stock rose significantly on that game, as did Peyton Manning. This works both ways however. Remember when Dallas WR Kevin Ogletree went off? He was drafted in the 5th round for those Week One points. Then, you never heard from him again. It's up to YOU to decide how to treat those performances.

Q: How does your weekly waiver system work?

We use a system called FAAB (Free Agent Acquisition Bidding) Essentially each person has 1,000 free agent dollars (not real $) to use each season to acquire free agents. The free agency process is a blind bid system that takes place twice each week (Wednesdays and Fridays). Free agency starts after week 1 and concludes prior to week 14. All free agency takes place within each 12-team league. Conditional bids can be made but there must be money left in your FAAB for a bid to be accepted.

Q: How can I stay involved?


Q: What is "May Madness"?

May Madness is our "Early Bird". Place your $200 Deposit by May 31. Each time you do, you will be entered into a 1 in 20 chance drawing at a Free Main Event team for 2021. Just like last year, these will be recorded as on-air webisodes so you can watch from home to see if you're a winner!

Any other questions? Call our General Manager Scott Atkins at 317.883.9338.