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Week #-6
1 PURP BUDZroc frostOnline Champ 7/12 9pm0-0-
2300MBOnline Champ 7/30-0-
3321115Richard MallonOnline Champ 6/190-0-
43rd ArmyMatthew BayleyOnline Champ 6/210-0-
5Anotha OneDavid MoraOnline Champ 6/60-0-
6AzzurriDTOnline Champ 7/12 9pm0-0-
7BADGES WE DONT NEED NO STINKING BADGESRichard MallonOnline Champ 6/120-0-
8BaDaBingJim ScarnatiOnline Champ Red vs Blue 7/12 9pm0-0-
9Ballin' While BrokeRobert SangermanOnline Champ 6/280-0-
10Beandog11Ryan BeeneyOnline Champ SLOW 5/240-0-
11Beandog24Ryan BeeneyOnline Champ SLOW 7/40-0-
12BeandogRyan BeeneyOnline Champ SLOW 6/80-0-
13BlackLabDaryl HodgesOnline Champ Red vs Blue 7/12 9pm0-0-
15Buster VoodooMichael SullivanOnline Champ SLOW 6/80-0-
16CCGChristopher LejawaOnline Champ SLOW 6/80-0-
17Canadian Geeseblaine perraOnline Champ Red vs Blue 7/12 9pm0-0-
18Canyon Lake QuakeChristian PediniOnline Champ 6/120-0-
19CashadvanceGerald NoullettOnline Champ SLOW 7/40-0-
20CeaserJulius Online Champ SLOW 7/40-0-
21Chuikov 62Matthew BayleyOnline Champ 6/120-0-
22Daly DoubleJerry BryantOnline Champ 6/120-0-
23Daly DoubleJerry BryantOnline Champ 6/190-0-
24Daly DoubleJerry BryantOnline Champ Red vs Blue 7/12 9pm0-0-
25Daly DoubleJerry BryantOnline Champ 6/60-0-
26Daly DoubleJerry BryantOnline Champ 7/30-0-
27Do or Do Not! There is no TRY!Philip HartlageOnline Champ 6/60-0-
28DoneDeal $299Anthony GriswoldOnline Champ 7/30-0-
29Dough boysEvangelos LilasOnline Champ 6/210-0-
30EZ CoMatthew BayleyOnline Champ 6/190-0-
31Evil EmpireAnthony VargasOnline Champ Red vs Blue 7/12 9pm0-0-
32FOX CHAMProc frostOnline Champ 7/7 8pm0-0-
33FTFOLC67TNTOnline Champ 7/7 8pm0-0-
34Fantasy NewbDavid MoraOnline Champ Red vs Blue 7/12 9pm0-0-
35Fantasy NewbDavid MoraOnline Champ 7/10 RvB Primer0-0-
36FeastMode OC1Robert CareyOnline Champ 7/7 8pm0-0-
37Frankie FantasyFrank TaddeoOnline Champ 7/30-0-
38Gaius CaesarJuliusOnline Champ 7/30-0-
39GelatoGGOnline Champ 7/10 RvB Primer0-0-
40Get LuckyEric RichardsOnline Champ SLOW 6/80-0-
41GetpaddledGreg DietzlerOnline Champ 7/30-0-
42Godfather 2Tony ColavitaOnline Champ 6/60-0-
43Godfather 3Tony ColavitaOnline Champ 6/190-0-
44GodfatherTony ColavitaOnline Champ SLOW 5/240-0-
45GoogleDave JOnline Champ 7/30-0-
46Ground & PoundDanny MuellerOnline Champ 6/120-0-
47Ground & PoundDanny MuellerOnline Champ 6/210-0-
48HUB City FFCPhilip HartlageOnline Champ Red vs Blue 7/12 9pm0-0-
49Hills Inc Curtiss HillsOnline Champ SLOW 7/40-0-
50Homo Deusmatthew lecomteOnline Champ 6/210-0-
51Hulk SmashEvangelos Lilas Online Champ 7/12 9pm0-0-
52I have a bad feeling about thisPhilip HartlageOnline Champ 6/120-0-
53Im Blasting My QuadsGary AllenOnline Champ 7/12 9pm0-0-
54JIMMY STACKSJim MaloneyOnline Champ 6/280-0-
55JIMMY STACKSJim MaloneyOnline Champ SLOW 5/240-0-
56JabroniesMike green Online Champ SLOW 7/40-0-
57Javelinas 2018 CHAMPKurt KuekesOnline Champ Red vs Blue 7/12 9pm0-0-
58Javelinas IIIKurt KuekesOnline Champ 6/120-0-
59Javelinas IIKurt KuekesOnline Champ SLOW 6/80-0-
60Javelinas IVKurt KuekesOnline Champ 6/210-0-
61JavelinasKurt KuekesOnline Champ SLOW 5/240-0-
62JavelinaKurt KuekesOnline Champ 6/280-0-
63KILLER 57Terry BrownOnline Champ 6/210-0-
64LPE Evangelos LilasOnline Champ SLOW 5/240-0-
65Let it rollDave JOnline Champ 6/280-0-
66LpeEvangelos LilasOnline Champ 6/60-0-
67LpeEvangelos LilasOnline Champ 6/190-0-
68MALLONS INVADERSRichard MallonOnline Champ SLOW 6/80-0-
69MNDEANDean TomlinsonOnline Champ 7/7 8pm0-0-
70MNDEANDean TomlinsonOnline Champ 6/120-0-
71Mallons Invaders 4th to joinRichard MallonOnline Champ 7/12 9pm0-0-
72Mancave MastermindsDavid FoxxOnline Champ 7/10 RvB Primer0-0-
73MesalexAbe ProwseOnline Champ 6/60-0-
74Metal MenJeff TompkinsOnline Champ SLOW 6/80-0-
75Micki MouseChristopher LejawaOnline Champ 6/120-0-
76Mr BlueAndrew PalermoOnline Champ 6/60-0-
77Mr PinkAndrew PalermoOnline Champ Red vs Blue 7/12 9pm0-0-
78Mr WhiteAndrew PalermoOnline Champ 6/190-0-
79Mr Yellow Stickersmichael schlissbergOnline Champ 6/210-0-
80O MANroc frostOnline Champ 7/30-0-
81OlineCh622Mitch WilliamsOnline Champ 6/210-0-
82Orange CookiesDon TerminielloOnline Champ SLOW 5/240-0-
83PEACHO2Michael PietrasOnline Champ 6/60-0-
84Pantera 2J.W.G.Online Champ SLOW 7/40-0-
85PanteraJames GilesOnline Champ SLOW 6/80-0-
86Paper ChampsBrian HarrisOnline Champ SLOW 6/80-0-
87Paper ChampsBrian HarrisOnline Champ 6/120-0-
88Paper ChampsBrian HarrisOnline Champ SLOW 7/40-0-
89PhalanxMattOnline Champ 6/280-0-
90Pirate MunkeesShawn MedlinOnline Champ 7/12 9pm0-0-
91Pirate MunkeesShawn MedlinOnline Champ 7/10 RvB Primer0-0-
92Pirate MunkeesShawn MedlinOnline Champ 6/190-0-
93PraetorianMBOnline Champ 7/10 RvB Primer0-0-
94Run AwayLinda WegrzynekOnline Champ 7/10 RvB Primer0-0-
95SKULL CRUSHERS ONLINEgreg kochOnline Champ 6/190-0-
96SPIES AND TROLLSRichard MallonOnline Champ 6/60-0-
97SWIPEOLINEroc frostOnline Champ 6/60-0-
98Savage evangelos lilasOnline Champ 6/280-0-
99Sham of CaliSham HanishOnline Champ 6/210-0-
100Slave to the GrindCraig BodenmillerOnline Champ SLOW 5/240-0-
101Slave to the GrindCraig BodenmillerOnline Champ SLOW 7/40-0-
102Slow Draft1Don TerminielloOnline Champ SLOW 6/80-0-
103SnoozefestAndrew PalermoOnline Champ 6/120-0-
104Spies and TrollsRichard MallonOnline Champ Red vs Blue 7/12 9pm0-0-
105St. Paul SwindlersGeno PavaniOnline Champ SLOW 7/40-0-
106Stay in your Lane BroGary AllenOnline Champ 7/10 RvB Primer0-0-
107Str8 atta Squampton #2Paul ONeillOnline Champ 7/12 9pm0-0-
108Str8outtaSquamptonPaul O'NeilOnline Champ 7/10 RvB Primer0-0-
109SwashbucklerLTOnline Champ 7/30-0-
110THE CHRONICTom NorthropOnline Champ SLOW 5/240-0-
111THE UNKNOWN COMICTom NorthropOnline Champ Red vs Blue 7/12 9pm0-0-
113Team AbrashJustin AbrashOnline Champ 7/7 8pm0-0-
114Team BeeneyRyan BeeneyOnline Champ 6/60-0-
115Team BlackNate BlackburnOnline Champ 7/12 9pm0-0-
116Team BlackNathan BlackburnOnline Champ 7/10 RvB Primer0-0-
117Team ExtremeJonathan SimpsonOnline Champ 6/210-0-
118Team Mallon 3rd to joinRichard MallonOnline Champ 6/280-0-
119Team Mallon 4th to joinRichard MallonOnline Champ 7/7 8pm0-0-
120Team MeyerWilliam MeyerOnline Champ 7/30-0-
121Team ObcenaRoman ObcenaOnline Champ 6/190-0-
122Team RomanRoman ObcenaOnline Champ 6/280-0-
123Team RozekJohn RozekOnline Champ 7/12 9pm0-0-
124Team RozekJohn RozekOnline Champ 6/280-0-
125Team RozekJohn RozekOnline Champ 7/7 8pm0-0-
126Team RozekJohn RozekOnline Champ 7/30-0-
127Team ShamSham HanishOnline Champ 7/30-0-
128Team Shocker OLC IIIJason ConnOnline Champ 7/7 8pm0-0-
129Team Shocker OLC IJason ConnOnline Champ SLOW 5/240-0-
130Team TazJim DayOnline Champ SLOW 7/40-0-
131Team Tonkabrian moranOnline Champ 7/7 8pm0-0-
132Team TurfeYousef TurfeOnline Champ 6/280-0-
133Team WilsonJason WilsonOnline Champ 6/190-0-
134Team WilsonJason WilsonOnline Champ 6/210-0-
135The Hairy Mary MonksChris BrommelOnline Champ 7/12 9pm0-0-
136Time to PlayDavid MoraOnline Champ 6/210-0-
137Truck1223John PatheOnline Champ 6/280-0-
138Vacation TimeJack HaanOnline Champ SLOW 7/40-0-
139Wacco For FlaccoRob TellOnline Champ SLOW 6/80-0-
140Wacko For FlaccoRob TellOnline Champ SLOW 5/240-0-
141West Seattle Acid Party Michael McmillanOnline Champ SLOW 5/240-0-
142Who cares 299x2anthony romingerOnline Champ SLOW 6/80-0-
143Who cares 299x3Anthony RomingerOnline Champ 7/7 8pm0-0-
144Who cares 299anthony romingerOnline Champ SLOW 5/240-0-
145Why notDavid MoraOnline Champ 6/190-0-
146Wishful ThinkingAndy HortOnline Champ 7/10 RvB Primer0-0-
147WonderlicersMatt HOnline Champ 7/12 9pm0-0-
148Yuval Noah Hararimatthew lecomteOnline Champ 6/280-0-
149d/\/\cdwain mcfarlandOnline Champ 7/7 8pm0-0-
150fantasy junkie 101John KourelisOnline Champ 7/12 9pm0-0-
151ideeotjonathan andersonOnline Champ 6/60-0-
152ideeotjonathan andersonOnline Champ 6/190-0-
153ideeotjonathan andersonOnline Champ 7/10 RvB Primer0-0-
154ideeotjonathan andersonOnline Champ Red vs Blue 7/12 9pm0-0-
155ideeotjonathan andersonOnline Champ 7/7 8pm0-0-
156ideeotjonathan andersonOnline Champ 6/120-0-