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Welcome to Fantasy Football Starter Leagues!!

Below you will find information on affordable beginner leagues.

Please note: For Full-Season leagues drafted after the kickoff game, those players starting lineup decisions can be decided at anytime up until Sunday 1pm Eastern Kickoff. You will have the ability to late swap any player involved in that game up until Sunday at 1pm eastern.


For an introduction to Fulltime Fantasy leagues and format, we recommend our Starter Leagues. These are affordable leagues to help introduce players to competitive, prize league fantasy football.

Cost to Enter: $25 or $50 to compete. (plus small software/live scoring fee)

League Size: 12 TEAM LEAGUES

$25 Entry 

$50 Entry 

League Size: 10 TEAM LEAGUES

$25 Entry 

$50 Entry  

Trading: There is no trading allowed in Fulltime Fantasy Prize Leagues.


Starter Fantasy Football Leagues are offered in several different varieties.

NEW: We also now offer POSITION ONLY DRAFTS! These are BESTBALL where you only draft from one position. 

League Size: 6 TEAM LEAGUES

$25 Entry

$50 Entry

$100 Entry 

BONUS PRIZE: The Best drafted team from all drafts for each Position Only will receive a custom Championship Ring! So we'll give out FOUR in total! A QB Champions Ring, a RB Champions ring, a WR Champion ring and a WR-TE Champion ring!  

Signing Up

Participants will enter via the draft lobby at Play.FulltimeFantasy.com You will receive a welcome email when the draft fills and the draft order will be randomized and set at that time. League will attempt to fill for up to one hour past the start time. If not filled, refunds will be issued. Please make sure you are using your browser's most current version. Chrome, Firefox or at least IE 10 are preferred.

Starting Lineup Requirements: 10-man

For Full-Season Leagues, you have until that player's scheduled game time to submit the player to your lineup.For Draft-Only leagues, lineups are optimized AFTER all the games are played each week.

QB SuperFlex Leagues

The only difference is you can start a QB in the Flex position, so (QB-RB-WR-TE) are all acceptable positions at the flex. It really drives the QB position up in the draft!

QB SuperFlex Starting Lineup Requirements: 10-man

Starter Leagues vs our other High Stakes Leagues:


All leagues will hold their Draft ONLINE prior to September 7, 2023. Each league will be composed of 12 teams, and each draft will last for 18 rounds for Full Season Leagues and 24 rounds for Bestball Draft Only Leagues, with each team selecting a player in each round in a serpentine fashion (team 1 through team 12, team 12 through team 1, team 1 through team 12, etc.). There are no rules governing the number of players to be drafted at each position. It is up to the skill and draft strategy of each team owner to decide.

ONLINE TIMER RULES: In the event the participant's timer expires in an online draft, the computer will select a player based on the rules specified below:

1. There is no limit to the number of players a contestant may put in their "queue list". They can add every undrafted player to the "queue list" in any order they see fit.

2. If the contestant "queue list" is exhausted, and the contestant timer expires, our algorithm will look for any starting lineup position still of need, and select the highest ranked remaining available player, excluding kicker or defense positions.

2a. For example, if the contestant still needs a QB, RB and 3 wide receivers to fill their starting lineup, the algorithm will choose the highest ranked player at one of those three positions and select the player for the contestant.

3. If the "queue list" is exhausted, and the contestant timer expires, and the contestant has filled their starting lineup requirement, the algorithm will choose the highest ranked player regardless of position, excluding kicker or defense.

4. Once the draft reaches Round 15, the positions of kickers and defenses are eligible to be considered as auto picks, in the event a contestant timer expires.

SLOW DRAFTS: Will have a 4 hour timer that extends from 1am to 7am eastern without penalty (so you don't time out overnight). Missing a pick in a slow draft will result in the highest ranked "Queue List" player. Once that is exhausted, the software rankings will be used in the same manner as described above.


(Summary) For Official Scoring System click SCORING

Defensive/Special Teams Scoring:

Points Allowed Bonus


Playoff Participants:

Special Playoff qualifying condition:

Any team that ties for the best record in their league during the regular season but does not qualify as one of the four automatic entries, also advances to the League playoffs.

Playoff Rules:

Waivers: (for Full-Season Leagues only)

Free Agent Acquisition Bidding - This isn't your home league where your buddy hears big news on a player and scoops them up off the waiver wire before you get home from work. The Full Time Fantasy format employs something called FAAB. It stands for Free Agent Acquisition Bidding. 
Each week your first opportunity to add players to your team is Wed night at 10pm. You are given $1,000 "BID BUCKS" (these are fake dollars) to last you the whole entire year. Run out, and you're done adding free agents on Wednesday nights, so spend it wisely. Weekly bids can range from $1 to $1,000. When some unknown RB breaks out after week one for 80 and 2 Touchdowns, you have to decide how much he's worth to your team and bid accordingly. 
On Wednesdays at 10pm EDT, "waivers run" and you will find out the results. If you didn't get the guys you wanted, first come first served waivers begin immediately following blind bidding players awarded. These FCFS pickups each cost the player $0 each. We will release a few video tutorials this year that help explain this so you can master your weekly Blind Bidding opportunities.Players dropped on Wednesday night are not available via first come first serve waivers utnil the following blind bidding.
Wednesdays: Open to all available free agent players. Thursday game players - These players are NOT available to be added to rosters via FCFS until the following Wednesday's FAAB. If unclaimed they will be available via FCFS. Thursday game players are Locked at kickoff.

PLEASE NOTE: All Full Season Leagues concluded before or on Tuesday September 5th, 2023 will have 1 opportunity to add/remove players via our Free Agent Acquisition Bidding (FAAB) waivers, on the Wednesday before Week 1, Sept 6, 2023 at 10pm EDT, then First Come First Serve pickups until Sunday 1pm eastern Kickoff Week One.